Can this be added to RB?

Not sure how much cider is in there. The can makes it seem like it’s cider with rosé added, but the website makes it seem like cider is an afterthought. Reach out to the brewer? What are the criteria for adding a beer/cider to RB again?

You can always add it if you honestly think that it’s an allowed prpduct, then the local admin will hopefully sort it out.

Indeed like you say it seems that the cider component is minimal.

As per rules, the cider component should be at least half of the drink.

  • if you know or suspect that the product respects the rule, add it;
  • if you know or strongly suspect that the product doesn’t respect the rule, don’t add it.

Angry Orchard uses red flesh apples from France for their Rose…maybe this brewer is doing something similar?

Cider cocktails follows the similar rule as Shandy right? 50% or more made from real cider

If mixed after fermentation, 50% must be cider.
If juices are added before fermentation, 50% of the fermentable sugar should be coming from the apples (this is mostly used to decide if something is mead or fruit wine, not really common for ciders).