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Can we do something about ratings that aren't ratings

I see it often when browsing Polish beers, but also foreign ones: people just say “I tried this beer a long time ago, just rating it to complete my profile”, or “Rating based on personal memories from a beer tasting”. Sometimes they’re just obviously copypasted texts from beer-ticking websites (we all know which website). Sometimes 1/3 of all ratings of a given beer sound like this!
These aren’t ratings, they distract people who bother to read other people’s comments on a beer, and they bring nothing of value to this website, which prides itself on maintaining a high level of proffessionality and integrity. These are mere ticks, and should be treated as such (RateBeer has been offering a “ticking” option for some time now, so there is really no reason for people to write this drivel).

Could we please introduce word filters or something, to get rid of all those completely useless and worthless ratings? I’d personally volunteer to delete them.

I believe some worthless ratings are converted to ticks, but this is not really done systematically as far as I know. A rating from memory while perhaps leas useful than one written with the beer itself is still a rating in my book…


There is/was an option for admins to convert ratings to ticks easily. Not sure if that’s still functioning or not.

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