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Can we get a (French) cider Admin?

In the old forums I posted about some issues with (mostly French) ciders. I think there’s a lot of work to be done here, as now we have lots of duplicate ciders and even duplicate entries for cideries. I think it would greatly improve our database if we could get someone to start some work on this. @minutemat seems to be a candidate to do it or at least provide lots of input for it. Any thoughts?


I became an admin today, and I specifically want to dedicate some work to Cider & Mead, including incorporating some of the ideas we discussed in that last thread. I would still need a lot of input on that in any case, and @minutemat is probably the most passionate Cider rater on here.

I speak French and at least understand Spanish, which is a plus in the Cider world, I guess.


Great! That’s really good news. :hugs:

Wait what!? You speak French? :astonished:

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Minuteman is currently in France (most likely drinking cider). I am sure he would love to help sort out ‘ciders’, his partner Sophie is French (actually I think they might have got married in 2017) and Mat speaks it too. I also know he is very busy work wise and treasures his spare time and holidays, so I might be speaking out of turn here.

I am sure he will reply to this thread once he sees it.



I can help sending coreections or posting in a cider thread (maybe here?) ofcourse! My partner is also French and she loves cider too :slightly_smiling_face: Obviously I don’t know nearly as much as a lot of people on here. But where I can I’m happy to provide info about what I encounter. We already have a pretty decent database, but let’s improve it to make it the best there is!

(And rate more cider ofcourse!)

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Wow! RateBeer still adds admins? :laughing:

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Hello! I am indeed in France, and coincidentally i am drinking a very nice cider from the Savoie area. Congrats Sinh41 on becoming an admin. Good to finally have a contact to speak to regarding any changes and of course I’m willing to help where needed. Are you able to amend any listing regardless of country?

yes, I can change everything. I will keep my hands out of foreign beers, but since we already had the discussion that we need more Cider work done, I’m happy to help there.


I will just post things I find in here if that’s OK:

needs some updating. Their website is http://www.lagalotiere.fr and GAEC is not found of their bottles nor their website, so maybe it shouldn’t be like this on Ratebeer.

now seems the same as

the first one doesn’t have demi-sec in the name, it does have in on the picture shown though. I’m not sure if these are aliasses or the pictures are just confusing. It’s likely things here changed a bit over time. On their website yet another label is shown… It seems that now they have stopped putting “Du Pays d’Auge” on their labels, as the most recent ones I’ve found don’t have that but appear otherwise the same.

Also these two poirés are probably the same:

both are spelled wrong, too.

thanks Maarten, noted. I’ll take care of it when I have a minute, should be tomorrow.

Also, you guys can always post things here, or we do a dedicated thread, or you can send me a beermail directly.

I wouldn’t be too hasty about merging those Galotiere pays d’auge ciders.

The picture might be from someone who added it subsequently, rating the “closest enough” entry.

Also, AOP Pays d’Auge implies certain conditions. Products who don’t mention it would be new entries most likely.

yes, they mention both the Pays d’Auge and the fermier biologique demi-sec on their website under different bulletpoints.

I can’t find that, they just mention three ciders and two poirés on their website that I can see, non with demi-sec on the label… Aaarggghh.

It’s also fine by me if we make a distinction between AOP Pays d’Auge and versions that don’t have that. In that case I will add a new entry for the non-AOP poiré.

I think the difficulty is here that the producers websites are sometimes not very complete or very out of date, as are some entries in our database. And to make it even easier labels often change as well.

Thanks guys for helping and checking!

On the main page, they mention that they make:

“Cidres Pays d’Auge cuvé prestige,
Cidre fermier biologique BRUT ou demi-sec”

on the cider page they do not mention that the fermier biologique exists in two versions.

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If the UK is anything to go by, I wouldn’t place much faith in cider producers’ websites, if they have one at all. In both France and the UK cider is often a sideline for farmers engaging in a wider range of agricultural activities. Maintaining an up to date website, let alone that new-fangled social media stuff, is rarely near the top of their list of priorities. Websites often look like they were made years ago and have remained essentially static ever since.

If I recall correctly, a lot of tiny French cider producers were added a decade or so ago by Rastacouere in preparation for a trip to Normandie, which never actually happened. I think he got a lot of them from a list on a UK cider site - now defunct as far as I can make out - that was very light on detail. Mostly just a name (often that of an individual, not a business) and an address that was sometimes just the name of the village and the postal code.

Good luck to anyone who’s taking on the task of bringing order to the chaos!


Same for Asturian cider. I´ve been noticing duplicates and mistakes regarding spelling and producers. They also need some cleaning up!

Chris, a few of us cidre enthusiasts either speak French or have French partners and visit France regularly so hopefully we can tidy the cider listings up a bit.

A minor correction here Stefan but the photo for this cider is wrong: https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/manoir-de-grandouet-cambremer-cidre-de-tradition-aoc-aop-pays-d-auge/52288/ The photo concerns this cider: https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/desvoye-cidre-pays-d39auge-aop/285554/

Here’s the list I believe Rastacouere was working from.

As I said, it’s very short on detail. It comes from uk.cider.co.uk/wiki which appears to be dead, hence I dredged the list out of the Wayback Machine archive to save anyone looking for it a bit of time…

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