Can you enter producers without postcode/exact address?

Trying to add this cidery:

Only has the town & county on their website, have tried searching Google/Companies House/Royal Mail etc but can’t find anything more accurate.

Didn’t want to set it up wrong & cause more work for the admins - presumably it’ll show in the wrong place on the map without a postcode.

(frankly astonished to find a cidery that @minutemat & @danlo haven’t had yet, think that’s the first time it’s happened for me!)

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Should be fine without postcode if they’re not revealing it for whatever reason. It’s more of an issue for places than it is for breweries. If someone finds out their actual address they can just let us know and one of us will update it - I suspect it’s a family home and they may not want to publicly reveal it? Fairford postcodes start with GL7 according to Royal Mail.

Never heard of them myself despite them being in my county. I don’t pay much attention to cider though!
And yes, truly astonishing that the big cider raters haven’t already added this, especially since they have 30+ ciders available according to their Untappd!

Anyway, I’ve just gone and added it so feel free to add any of their ciders.

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Many thanks for the swift reply @LazyPyro . Would have added myself, but thanks for saving me the effort!

Good to know postcodes aren’t essential for future.

My tally is 466 England Cideries rated out of 683 listed, so am only at 68%! so there are still quite alot of English Cideries I need to track down. Happy to trade for any that are only locally available! Cheers

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