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Anyone been recently?

The place entries are all a little old or never had a review, could anyone recommend something please.

Thanks in advance.


Are you staying on the strip?

No idea, but there are still some Mexican raters out there, maybe send some a direct message? Nekronos rated a beer this month, and there are some others…

I hate ‘All Inclusive’ resorts as they are killing the small guys who own bars and restaurants locally and you are just giving your money to Multi-National conglomerates. I have been looking at smaller traditional places, although there are not too many in Cancun.

We haven’t booked anything yet, it’s an option to get into the US (can’t go direct from the UK, etc, etc, without approval from the US Embassy in London, but can if you’ve been in Mexico for 14 days and Cancun has direct flights to Los Angles). Our daughter is expecting our second grandchild in California and we would like to be there to help during the last days of her pregnancy and first few weeks after the birth.


Cheers @mansquito, if it happens I will try and contact @Nekronos.


I am more like you and prefer to support local, but it is some what challenging in this area. My wife on the other hand likes all inclusive resorts and that is where we stayed during our visits. I had no luck finding anything ‘Craft Beer’ on the strip, but I did get some Mexico ticks. If you stay on the strip you will likely need to take the bus to downtown Cancun to find craft beer. On a separate topic if you like archeological sites Chichen Itza (be prepared for a fair drive) and Tulum were interesting to me.

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A friend of ours has suggested an ‘All Inclusive’ in Tulum, so that might be an option. Still hoping we can go direct to the US, no idea yet if they’ll let us do so.


Tulum is around an hour and forty five minutes south of Cancun and would provide less opportunities to try different beers. If you are wanting get away to a less populous area Tulum would be a good option.

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If you have not signed up for a place in the Yucatan, I would go somewhere else.

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Still ‘all in the air’ at the moment, US Embassy will not answer until we pass the month to travel date (28th Nov), so everything will happen all at once, when they let us know if we can go direct to the US, or if we have to mess around for 14 days in Mexico.


Cancun just got hit with a category 2 hurricane. I hear Cabo San Lucas is nice.

I would consider Isla Mujeres, a short boat ride from N Cancun, there should be a small microbrewery there (Isla Brewing Company), used to be many small hotels and guesthouses when I visited way back. Relaxed and laid back was my experience back then, no brewery at that time though.
No cars allowed, only golf carts…

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I enjoyed Isles Mujures for the reasons Gunnar describes.

The more I read about Cancun (on TripAdvisor) and see the hotel resort’s, etc, etc, the less I want to go. Really hope we are allowed straight into the US.


I enjoyed it for rest, relaxation, and sun. The service was like no where I have ever been. For me a week would be plenty, but two weeks might become dull.

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