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Cans or bottles

Ok, I know I’m old and outdated. But the IPA and 2xIPA stuff needs to be in bottles or change the recipe.

Side by side a two hearted can vs a two hearted bottle.

Not the same.

Agree or disagree. I’m in the “not the same” category.

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Same, even better preserved in cans will I say since it is stored dark in cans.
Better for transport and recycling too.
Glad bottles is on its way out.


I prefer the bottle flavor hence the mention of a recipe change.
The environmental friendly thing is great and I manage a renewable natural gas facility, but purely for flavor I prefer bottled.

I prefer cans, the hops seem to keep fresher for longer and its easier to store. Also I have to put bottles for recycling collection in an open box at the front of my house, so my neighbours can see how much I’ve drank in the last two weeks!

As an aside I wonder if Belgium beers will go to cans eventually?

Cans should be abolished ! I avoid them wherever possible.

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Cans! It’s the purist as that beer has not seen the light of day. My old roommate had an animated and hilarious brief/argument as to why Bud Light in a can was superior to all other macros (pre-RB for me). Since being into craft I had been on bottle gang, but over last 5 years I prefer can now.


The only correct answer!

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I also go with cans!

Bottles 100%, well I would say that given that I’ve been seeing just how many different ones I can drink in my home since moving into it in 2007, (over 2,500 & keeping all the empties) Beer in cans back then were Heineken etc, best avoided, and living on a tiny island the selection available was pretty slim so more of a challenge back then. Now days I have started to drink cans of course, better for the planet & the keeps the light out… I did have one can a few years ago that somehow managed to leak out of the bottom after only a month in my cellar, now that would never happen with a bottle!

I know that some people can tell the difference in taste between can and bottle. I personally cannot. However, I personally prefer bottle, just cause it feels right, it feels more intimate and personal. But that is just a personal thing.

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