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Can't buy premium membership

Paypal is having issues and won’t let me do it



Now I can’t even find the page that would let me try - just get the get it free page which is a bit non-selfexplanatory

Having the same problems. Even tried a message to @joet, different browsers, log-out log-in. In vain. Are there any administrators at all?

I messaged Joe and he got back to say he upgraded my account for free

@bhensonb and @Finn we are currently having issues with our PayPal account, please message @joet here and your account will be upgraded.

Services @ RateBeer

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I just messaged @joet to take this up. FWIW I would have paid without grumbling under my breath for the first time in some years. Things do seem to be moving a bit and that is very welcome.

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Had the same problem.
Tried this group.
3 messages to joet.
About to give up.
e-mail to admin@ratebeer did the trick.

Not impressed.


I’ve also been trying to buy premium membership, messaged joet 10 days ago with no response… I’ll try Finn’s trick before I get to the stage of going cold turkey on the site & getting more fresh air!

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Can confirm that the email to admin@ratebeer was the one to make it happen.


I sent an email yesterday and got my premium membership in a couple of hours, for free. Great service!

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