Can't delete own ratings

So… Here I go, and Misrate a beer ( again) usually, not an issue. Copy paste to the right one, and delete the old ( wrong) entry.

Yet, now it turns out, ratebeer doesn’t allow me anymore to delete my own rating. What’s this? Anyone else noticed this issue? Please get ratebeer back on track. This is seemingly going downhill at a rapid pase…

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Pretty sure you can delete all the words and save, it becomes a tick, then just delete the tick. Not the most efficient, but it worked for me a while back.

I can’t delete or edit a Private Rating. To date all my ratings have been added to Public Ratings which I can edit and repost. Whereas the one rating I posted today has automatically been saved into my Private Ratings and posted online.
I can view the Private Rating but am unable to delete or edit it.
Can anyone out there help me to delete this?
Thank you