Sorry Marko,
All three browsers don’t log me on. Even tried ‘Edge’ just for shows and goes!?

So, to make sure everything is clear.

On one device, everything works.

On another device, nothing works on three different browsers, and you’re trying to log in through the old site / the link given. - -- Login

Doing what Pinball does doesn’t help either, triggering the page by clicking on the blue add a place button on ?

Well… at least we should be getting a fix soon.

On all devices, and all browsers I can only log on with the old link provided; meaning I cannot log on with Chrome, Brave, Edge, Duck Duck Go, and also the Ratebeer App.

So you can log on with the old link on the other device? If so, not sure why the complication - everything has been explained above. Not being to log in regularly is a very much known issue, affects everyone on all devices and browsers, it’s being worked on and will allegedly be fixed very soon.

Not being able to log into the RB app on the phone is weird though, news for us.

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Also, sorry for the obvious question: Can you use the forum as well as rate beers? It may still say “log-in” up top but you can still post, beermail & rate.

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No issues from my Android phone, and I am still logged into the old and new site, but when I try to add a beer from my PC, it prompts me to log in - over, and over, and over again. This despite being logged in already. The only problem I notice is not being able to add beers to the database because of the above-mentioned issue. However, I haven’t tried to add anything to the site other than beers since I noticed it (and the problem has been going on for several days).

I’m still asked to log in on my iphone and my desktop. Safari on the phone, firefox on the desktop. Couldn’t rate earlier on my desktop so rated the beer on my phone even though it said to log in. Fiddlefucked around on the phone, still kept asking me to log in. Went back to my laptop and SOMEHOW rated another beer even though it didn’t LOOK like I could. It’s all over the place but I’m willing to fook with it to get a rating in. :rofl:


Oh yeah, another thing, I can’t log out of this site on either device. Whatever page I’m on and I scroll down to where it says Sign Out and click on it, it just goes back to the top of the page. Weird huh?

It pretty much always works on the “old pages”, it will not work on any device regularly on “new pages” anywhere.

Wonder if trying another browser on the phone (is there Chrome for iPhones?) would help. Might indicate that the mobile browser needs its cookies killed.

If the forums page says log in/whatever in blue in the upper right corner, that’s not an indication that you aren’t logged in, no clue why the hell that doesn’t match the facts. I can see that confusing people.

And maybe it’s better if it doesn’t let you to sign out. :rofl:


My phone is the safe bet right now. Like you said it is always asking me to login in the upper right hand corner. I can work my way to my account but going to community and going to my account from there. The box in the same upper right hand corner lets me drop down my options and I just go to my ratings. It seems to recognize me when I do that. :person_shrugging:

Awesome – thank you very much!

It takes me to RB add a place. Nothing on the page about logging in. Please explain wtf I’m supposed to do when I get to that page. Yes, I’m slow. That’s why I’m Sloth. Will this fix Log in banner I get when I show up here? I am logged in even though it’s always asking me to. :crazy_face:

That’s because you are logged in, thanks for bumping the thread. :roll_eyes:

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So no way for it to stop asking me to log in? Gotcha.

Sorry. Guess I should just be grateful that I can use the site. :neutral_face:

One funny thing about logging back in on mobile is that it pops back up the RateBeer Best 2020 banner lol. Love this place.