Cantillon Quintessence 2018

Just booked my flight, and am officially excited about this event!

I will be flying in/out of Amsterdam…and staying in Brussels on Monday 30th - Thursday 3rd. I have the 2:30 PM session for Quintessence, and will be traveling with a non-ratebeer buddy.

Who else is hitting this up? (I know I have chatted with a few people going)

Anybody else from the US making the trek over?

I plan on hitting Moeder at some point(s), and plan on having a bite to eat while tasting Chouke, and then probably hitting Drie Fonteinen on Wednesday after the event…would be fun to meet a few more folks and maybe have a share?


no Zythos? :frowning:

I am also hunting Chouke that time, not sure how good our chances are. I will probably be staying Friday till Tuesday late, not sure about Wednesday; I have the first slot entrance at Quintessence.

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People got tickets for Quintessence?


Will be there about noon. It’s only a two hour ride from home so I won’t stay the night. But in case someone is up for an IP trade let me know

I wish I could get in a day earlier and hit this festival too! Alas, I have to work on 4/28…so, that hinders any plans of making Zythos.

CBC the following week is very tempting too…I just can’t get the time (or money) to make it this time.

As for Chouke, I am hoping it is still available at either Les Brigittines or Pistolet Original. Maybe a local can give better insight as this date draws nearer?

I have been to Cantillon before, but not to this event…so, I am not sure what to expect. Hoping for some fun vintage beers and maybe a collaboration. Not holding my breath for anything, as to keep expectations in check.

I haven’t booked flights yet but I’ll get in a few days early and stay a couple days after before heading to the Tallinn Craft Beer Fest. I’m definitely interested in heading to Drei Fonteinen at some point


I’ll be there for the 2:00 slot. Haven’t booked flights yet but looks like me and a friend will come to Brussels Saturday morning and stay until Wednesday at noon, possibly with a day in Bruges or Antwerpen one of the days when we’re done with Moeder, Lambik-o-droom and all other musts.

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Travlr - would love to meet up and share a beer at some point! I hear you are reasonably okay in person!

Nicklas - look forward to toasting beers again! (I hear Jacob and Alex are heading down for this as well…should be fun!)

With my Sunday arrival, and Lambik-o-Droom closed on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday…it seems Wednesday is my only day to stop there. Pretty sure Alex (angst) is planning on this stop for Wednesday too. Would be happy to have others join!

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I definitely want to finally meet you as well :wink:

some people I follow ticked it today, so it is still available right now.


I’ll be there, Friday at notgt, Saturday 3F, then back to work Monday morning and returning Monday night for Quint on Tuesday and leaving Wednesday am.


We had it on Saturday @ Pistolet Sablon. At the Pistolet near the BrewDog (Centraal) it was sold out.

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Will be there with my brother for the 12:30 slot. Chouke is on the to do list aswell. Tuesday night probably Moeder Lambic if its not too crowded and Wednesday for 3F. Looking forward to meet some of you :slight_smile:

Last minute decision… I will be in Brussels for Quintessence (2pm slot) and I will stay also on Wednesday in order to go to Lambik-o-Droom (it is going to be open right??). I will be with my fiancee but I hope I can meet some of you guys!

I m sure it will be a little bit crazy in Cantillon on Tuesday but hopefully on Wednesday at Lambik-o-Droom it will be better… @Clownoisseur @Travlr @sinh4 are you going to be there?

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@anstei and I plan to be at Lambik-O-Droom on Wednesday. My train home leaves some time in the afternoon.

Nice!! We met with Andreas (@anstei) last year in Ratebeer Best awards at Santa Rosa

Got a 10am ticket for Quintessence so we might not meet there, but Lambik-O-Droom on Wednesday sounds wonderful indeed!

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I also have a 10am Quintessence slot, but I will be at 3-F on Wednesday. Will you be at Moeder Lambic at some point as well?
My guess is that there will be ebbs and flows of RateBeerians throughout Brussels this weekend

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See you in Tallinn then & maybe in Belgium.

@77ships you’re gonna be in Tallinn? Great, I get there Wednesday and I’ll be in Estonia for a week