Capital City in Shirlington status?

Zebra (online local news) says they are closed, apparently permanently (brown paper on the windows,phone unanswered, so presumably not the weather). This surprised me. Anyone know anything about it. I may go check it out over the weekend.

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I just heard the news…rumor has it That Cap City in Shirlington is CLOSING on March 4th. It’s been an anchor in Shirlington Village for 21 years. I have many many great memories and met many friends during my employment there. So sad. Hopefully, the rumor is not true.

It’s official, the Shirlington location has closed. They will keep the downtown location, but don’t say what beer they will serve there, since afaik they don’t brew downtown (perhaps they will contract brew?) It surprised me because while I have had issues with them in recent years, they always seemed busy.

Sad news. That was always a quality stop.

At least New District is still open

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According to, despite the restaurant/brewpub closing, the Shirlington location will continue brewery operations for the DC location.

Has Capital City improved? I have not had it since 2009 or 2010. Back then it seemed like a run of the mill brewpub. Did it stilll serve a purpose when NoVa got dozens of new good breweries?

Exactly. Just nothing exciting about it at all.

I guess it remains a VA brewery then. I bet it’s only temporary.

The brewpub was always busy (often packed), so I wouldn’t be shocked if it has more to do with pushing them out for a more “upscale” establishment. I bet they finish partitioning off the brewery part of it (which it pretty much is already) and then something else goes in the restaurant. No way that whole space just remains empty

It looks like we may be able to retire the brewery if what Bill Madden said is accurate.

The Mad Fox Facebook page showed the tanks being removed from Cap City in Shirlington. The rumor was that they would continue to brew there even though the restaurant was closed (which didn’t make a whole lot of sense when the news came out considering the real estate it was occupying).

The DC location is not and I believe has never been able to brew. The long gone 3rd location next to Union Station was where they brewed before “moving” operations to DC. So the brewery is most likely effectively out of business even if the downtown location continues to operate as a restaurant.

Not sure if they’ll continue to brew through a third party, but if they don’t - it’s time to retire the brewery.

I saw them removing the sign from the front of the restaurant, last time I rode by, on Monday morning. Looks like it is is history. After many a cyclist happy hour there, I will miss it, even if other places have better beer.

And New District is still open…

Yeah, but for a group HH, it’s nice to have a place with food, with beverages other than beer ( for the troglodytes who don’t drink beer) and outdoor seating. But we will surely all hit New District on BTWD. :slight_smile::biking_man:‍♂️

This is really weird. So I was downtown for game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals, our group got a huge table at Capitol City.

They still had their beers on tap. Of course, some of it was kicking while we were there, but it’s hard to imagine they were able to brew 3+ months worth of reserve beer…

I’ll try to do some more investigating to figure out if they got licensed to brew in the city (though I don’t remember seeing any equipment when I was in the downtown location). Maybe they’re contract brewing with someone for their beers?

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None of that sounds fun to me :grin:

Isn’t New District a bunch of infected trash? Haven’t been but sources tell me…

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I have enjoyed some beers at New District, but I did get one really off beer there once.

Only one?

Yes. I have had beers there that were mediocre, or not to style, or both, but only one that was obviously off.