Cara Pils Top Beer of the Week

Right on our front page we have Cara Pils as top beer of the week. This seems to be driven by a bunch of previously non raters all banging in 5’s, makes us look a bit silly.

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This is hilarious if you are Belgian.

@Alengrin @kraddel @sebletitje @tderoeck


Hate. I feel hate.

ISO Carapils!

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“Premium belgian lager”… that´s all folks!!

At least this one isn’t an AB InBev brew, like the last embarassment was.

I for one welcome our new make-all-the-numbers-and-stats-utterly-meaningless overlords.

50 cents a can? Why not? I had one the other night!

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love the hobo juice!

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C’est encore une bonne bière s’iln’y avait l’ajout de caramel 150C.
Fare enugh beer without the fact they added caramel 150 c which is cancerigen

Don’t hate on cancer, bro :sunglasses:

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