Carlsberg UK / Marston merger

No sure whether to put this in here or on Industry news but, as above.

Can’t imagine what impact this will have on Marston’s already pedestrian beer, but it’s likely a further fall in quality for the handful of breweries under Marston’s control…


Just read this. If I were working at Jennings, Wychwood, Ringwood or one of their many secondary breweries I would be worried. They were probably at risk anyway with Covid but now the accountants that run Carlsberg will take a close look at them.


I live less than 20 miles from Wolverhampton and there are quite a few Banks’s/Marston’s pubs around here, both traditional boozers and those new ‘ring road’ plastic eatery places. Rarely used them before the ‘Lock In’, no reason to change my habits once this is all over it would seem.


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Perhaps more Brooklyn beers in Marstons pubs, seeing as they have an official ‘partnership’ with Carlsberg, in that they brew and distribute their lager in Europe, and probably their core range too. I’m sure we’re all incredibly excited about that.


That explains the Brooklyn-Sinebrychoff link, with the latter being owned by Carlsberg.