Cask Ale prices near you

Everything has gone up in price (blame Covid, Brexit, Boris, the weather or even brewers) but beer seems to have risen the most percentage wise.

Wellington (Shropshire) is still fairly cheap with £3:50 the most you’ll pay for a Cask Ale, although foodie pubs in surrounding countryside have pushed their prices up to £3:80 in one instance I’ve come across.

Telford in general is still OK, Shrewsbury has always been a little more ‘up market’ pub and cost wise, but still no where near some places.

‘Craft Beers’ are expensive everywhere, even here in Shropshire; but I rarely drink those when out, preferring to swill them down at home when no one’s looking!


You’re being ripped off old boy

Was in a couple of local pubs here in the Home Counties at the weekend and £3.50 was the norm for a 4% cask ale where I drank

I’m paying about £4 give or take in Leicester. It’s about that - or maybe a little less - in the Black Country Ales pubs in town. I paid £5.10 the other day but that was for a pint of Ashover Victorian Mild at 7%.

Beer is definitely going up - cask, craft, cans/bottles in the pubs and shops. I’m just going to have to drink less, which I’ve been doing anyway throughout the pandemic.

I should add that in my favourite locals I am happy to pay whatever they feel they need to charge to keep going.

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I’ve heard there’s an official ale conner in your area @BlackHaddock - you should ask him to intervene…


My local is owned by Chantry brewery and their cask beer is £3 a pint regardless of style or ABV, (making their Special Reserve old ale at 6.3% the choice drink of the various heavy hitters who patronise the place).

That’s as cheap as it gets round Sheffield these days. Maybe there’s Abbeydale Moonshine or some other similarly bland stuff in town around the same price. Sam Smith’s have a boozer where there’s probably beer under £3 but whether you’d actually want to sit in there is a different matter.

I’d guess on average it’s pushing £4 lately.

Cask beer prices near me ? It’s hard to say – I’ve only drunk it in one pub in Crewe since lockdown ! I would guess about £3.70.

A bit more knowledge of Stafford prices, where I have been charged £3.40 to £4.20 in about 5 pubs. [ Mind you the £4.20 was over 6% ]

Derby has ranged from £3.30 to £4, though I suspect one or two places I’ve not been to would be cheaper.

In Banbury, North Oxfordshire we averaged just over £4 a pint this week. We did a trip round Oxford a couple of weeks back and were paying just under £5 for 4% Bitters!

Oxford has always been best part of the way to London prices for obvious reasons mind (if not more in some cases !).

Funny, I can’t say I ever pay any attention to prices for cask beer. I always just assume its going to be cheap / affordable and pay whatever.

Only time I check is for keg in craft beer places, which as we all know vary considerably.

That said, in Shrewsbury / Shropshire £3.50 for cask is the norm.

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hard to generalise in the pubs I drink in as there’s more variables than just ABV. £3 - £3.30 probably the going rate for generic/house type beers, high 3s/low 4s for more craft cask I would say. Think the Neepsend pubs are just over the 3 quid mark for their own stuff unless it’s strong, ditto Blue Bee in their own pub (for my money the best two brewers in Sheffield regularly brewing cask - prefer Lost Industry beers but they don’t cask much)

I moved to Sheffield in 2005, having gone through the £2 barrier in Bristol around 2000 I then went through it again here around 2007 I think. £3 seemed outrageous in 2010 when a pub charged that at their fest, but probably around 2014 £3 became the norm for stronger cask beers at least


Not sure if they’ve gone up or not - the few pub visits I’ve done since lockdown ended have either been to have a meal (so haven’t noticed the beer cost in there), or have required card payments only (and I haven’t looked at the price when just waving a card at a machine - dangerous I know!).

Before Covid Wycombe was certainly £3.50-£4 for cask depending on the pub, whilst Reading was starting to see prices over £4 quite commonly. I can certainly see prices going up substantially after all the extra costs pubs have had to bear to make them Covid-safe, plus no doubt increased staff costs due to lack of staff following Brexit.

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UPdate on Crewe cask beer prices. Same venue, but today I was charged £3.50 for a 5% beer and £3.95 for a 6% one. So my original guess not too far out.

Out in Stamford and and at the kings head. Black sheep best was £4.20.

Edinburgh is now around the £4.00 mark for something like Jarl. I was in Scarborough recently and could get an 8.7% barley wine for the same price at the North Riding Brew Pub!

I had a pint of TT Landlord today in the same place where I picked up the house cask beer (rebranded Laines) for £3.50.

Landlord I guess is classed as a premium cask product and weighed in at £4.15 a pint.

Rarely drink cask at the moment. But did spot it was £4.25 a pint in Hants and £4.20 in Surrey today. But is that an increase.- no idea?

I was paying £3.50/60 a pint in the village local in Surrey and I moved away in JAN '15 … so that doesn’t sound like too much of a hike for 6.5 years.

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I was in The Magdala Tavern in Hampstead, NW3 last week and the cask pints that I consumed were all £4.65 per pint which is very reasonable indeed for London.


It is indeed. The Black Dog in Brentford is £4.50 for most if not all the cask ales, but that’s further out than NW3. Here in Chiswick it’s a fiver-plus in the Fuller’s pubs, though many still offer 10% off for us CAMRA members.

Well Mr Fishman, you might be interested to know that today I was in a pub about 5 miles from where you live, and the beer was £2.90 a pint. I also had a very nice beer (but not a tick) in a pub in Shifnal that cost £3.20 a pint. Mind you the prices for craft beer cans in the fridge were shocking. They had one beer which I had ordered direct from the brewery, so I know how much it cost them - the mark-up was about 80% !