Cask beer week

Did anyone notice or find a good new beer? I tried and local brews disappointed. Cask seems to be a case of second sipping and good cellar work. Anyone think differently?

I drink a lot of cask and am very often disappointed. It’s a shame, because at the same time some of my best beer memories are cask. I think it depends where you are: I’ve just been on holiday in Bournemouth and the Isle of Wight (the Lands of Twig and Butter). There are some good breweries and beers around but a lot of what is on offer are substandard bitters and golds.

Well, Notingham has a decent array of cask beer brewers but none really added to the core range. The best were variants. It just confirms that Innovation in keg/craft (I know they are not the same thing). But locally Black Iris and Neon Raptor are best on keg.

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It makes me sad. I was a full on cask guy until about five years ago but now… not so sure. It’s been a while since I had an amazing cask beer where I didn’t think, ‘this would be fresher and cooler on keg’.

Most if mt favourite pubs serve both. I used to start with cask before moving onto some keg beers. More often than not I just start with keg now and keep going.

There are those amazing times though when you get a cask bitter or well hopped sesh golden ale that’s just perfect. Likewise, there are loads of bland keg beers that have zero flavour, just fizz. So I’m not quite ready to give up on cask just yet. Might even rejoin CAMRA for the beer festivals…

It is certainly the golden age for brewing. But the importance of a good cellar man is affecting the consistency of cask, and the temptations of craft and keg/bottle/can means that the new brews are heading that way. And yes, this means lot’s of fruity pales that taste the same. And at a premium price for an ordinary product. I did have two decent beers on cask today from Downland and Spitting Feathers but they were three year old recipes
But there’s certainly good beer to be had

I think in general cellarmanship has taken a tumble, I was in The White Horse on Parsons Green last week and the three cask ales I had were all in poor condition; never known that to happen before in there.

Locally it’s as bad, often have to take a beer back to get it changed these days. It’s the old problem of keeping too many hand-pulls on when the pub’s throughput is declining and it exasperates to problem because people wont buy another cask ale if the last two or three have been ‘shite’.


Certainly it’s identified as a reason for pub closures. One bad pint and you won’t go back. But just maybe trying to imitate craft pales in a cask format. Too many bitters are golden and too many pales are unbalanced IPA.

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