Celebration of Max Senner

It was with deep sadness that I learned of the passing of Max Senner of Yankee&Kraut earlier today. During the early part of lockdown Max spend several nights enjoying beer with us on Zoom as he is friends with multiple members of RateBeer, a few times staying on until it closed down for the evening/morning. Friday 5 May, please join us as we celebrate his life with one of his passions…beer!

Ratebeer Unofficial: Deez Chatz (Yankee & Kraut Edition) | Beer Travel, Festivals and Brewing Industry Events, Local Parties: Ingolstadt


Oh man, thats tragic.

thanks for doing this. I promise I’ll join at some point (from the very same hotel where I shared a room with Max last year).


Das ist sehr traurig. Mein Beileid seiner Familie und Freunden. Am Samstag haben wir noch seine neuen Biere in Stuttgart verkostet. Unfassbar


Sadly I won’t be able to make the chat today, however we will be out with some of the Munich Ratebeerians so I am sure we will be raising a glass or two in memory of Max.

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Very sorry to read this, and catch up with it late.

My condolences to a fellow traveler in the path of wisdom