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Center of the Universe Chameleons

So COTU’s Chameleon IPAs have changed from being a certain colour to just all being the same colour cans but having the hop variety coded on the bottom of the can (often illegible). The new cans change colour with cold, which is cool, but we may have to change our naming convention for these to just say hops instead of colour. Thoughts?

Just bought one that said CY, MO

According to their website MO is Mosaic, but CY doesn’t have a code…

Any thoughts?


Ok I just asked their facebook, apparently CY is Calypso. I’ll just add it as COTU Chameleon (Calypso, Mosaic)


Also, most of these chameleon beers in cans are fuckin’ awesome. Loving this one I’m just having, Idaho 7, Azacca and cascade

Very interesting! I had no idea that these existed - I’ll look out for these.

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hard to tell they are different. But usually they change every few weeks. Have to look at hops on bottom of cans

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