Change in flavour?

Hi all,

I’m brewing the same IPA recipe for 4 years now. But since my last 2 batches there is a change in flavour.
The only thing that i have changed is a solenoid valve in the brewing system. But it’s just valve made of nylon. Do you think the new valve can change the flavour of the beer?
The valve is replaced is this one:

Do you think that i also should contact my hop supplier maybe he changed deliverd hop from an other farm or something?

Thank you in advance

Could be so many things. What kind of different flavours are you experiencing? It’s hard to predict without knowing a bit more info.

Hops will always have slight variance in flavour, you could ask your supplier.

Have you also thought of a faulty temperature reading? I’d double check the temperature meters in your HLT and/or FV. But again, it could be so many things!

I don’t think a nylon valve can make a huge difference in flavour.