Changing Username and Email now working on the App

You can now modify your USERNAME and EMAIL ADDRESS at will directly from the APP (MY PROFILE).

(there’s still a bug right now to make the Save button appear, edit your Favorite style or any other field and the Save button will appear

How can I change my title from regular to regulator?

In your forum profile?
That’s a totally different thing. The App and the Discourse forum are not related at all.

Ya, can I do that? Some people seem to have done that

Woah! Cheers man!

I did it for you. But I think you should be able to do it yourself.

click your profile pic top right
Click the top profile icon right next to the mail icon.
Click preferences
You should have a TITLE field available to edit from there.

Edit :seems like you can only choose pre-established forum rank titles from there… Maybe it’s just an admin thing after all…

Help us @discobot about forum title?