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Character issues still not resolved for brewery addition


So… If I want to add or change the brewery of some beer, “special” characters cause the brewery to be missing from the list. Neither writing the correct character or the “closest enough” character works.

It’s been bypassed so far by editing brewery names to avoid such characters, but frankly, intentionally writing brewery names wrong is an embarrassing and annoying workaround, lowering the quality of the database. Even more so for us who haven’t been born to an English-speaking society and whose languages frequently use such letters.


Yeah this is tough on accented characters. I’ll see what I can find.


This search uses the old method of trying to replace all foreign characters with non accented analogs and searching against that. It’s a method that has problems. I’m not sure we can fix this before the page is migrated over to the new system, and honestly, that might take a while.

Because it will do partial search, I have been able to get it find a number of breweries with accented characters by using fragments but yeah with brewery names with many accented characters, there will be greater difficulty.

This one bugs me. I’ll keep some brain cells on it.


Yeah because when your boss will see this

I can assure he won’t like it


Uh… thank you?