Cheers to 4K

Both Tomer and I hit simultaneously, cheers! @tomer


cheers to both of you!

Cheers to you both!

May you each drink 4000 more.


Big Congrats to you BOTH

Thank you very much to all the well wishers!

Cheers to both of you!

Congrats both of you!

Sounds suspiciously like “may you live in interesting times”. :joy:
Just joking, thanks!

Congrats to you both.

Looking forward to sharing a few with you in a 2 weeks time

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Welcome to the clube!

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Congrats and cheers!

For just a second i thought you were coming to my part of the world…

This time around its @Trappeds world.
Maybe some other time.


Unfortunately no MBCC in the forseeable future.

Congratulations and mazal tov! Cheers guys!