Cheers to Guinness

Yup. Had one of the watery draughts tonight. It’s still one of the most beautiful things ever to see it pours in a cascade of wondrous pint. And many of the higher ABV offerings from Guinness are spot on, especially the Foreign and Special Export Stouts. I’ll always love Guinness.


They are definitely watery. As a younger man I was always afraid of it, having only drank Molson Canadian. But once I had it, it was quite light. Still, one of the few macros I’ll order at a bar.


I prefer the Nigerian Export to any of the Irish offerings. They even sell the Nigerian version in 4 packs at my local supermarket.


I agree with Nigeria. Had it last night at a local African restaurant to celebrate St. Paddys :v:


Fully agree the Nigerian or for that sake most of their different foreign Exttra is good.

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I consider the Original/Draught version to be dumbed-down overpriced shite, though not nearly as much as Kilkenny. At least in this market. And will never go for it in spite of it being better than some - it’s not worth the money. Some of the FESes and Extra Stouts I’ve had were quite good though. And the Special Export too…

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It’s all good!