Chicago Is Now the U.S. City With the Most Breweries

Copied from Paste Magazine:

Granted, in this context, “Chicago breweries” constitutes a very wide geographic area. The Chicago Metro Area goes as far as Northwest Indiana, all the way up north to the Wisconsin border. Those who have lived in the area (myself included) know that this is accurate—as the city spreads out, it turns into a never-ending suburban sprawl that goes for an hour or more of interstate driving in every direction. And that wide area certainly helped pad Chicago’s total, although other cities also had their entire metro areas counted.

The next five metro areas on the list are all cities you would expect to find well-represented in the brewery department: Denver (158), Seattle (153), San Diego (150), Los Angeles (146) and New York (141). The last two are of particular interest as the nation’s two largest cities. Neither L.A. nor NYC were exactly known for robust craft beer scenes until the last few years, when they’ve gone through rapid expansion. In a few more years, could they be leading the entire field?

Compare the data to the same information when it was last collected five years ago, in 2013, and the growth is much more obvious. At that time, Chicago was the #5 city in the country in terms of total breweries, at only 62. The leaders were Seattle (87), Portland (77), San Diego (76) and Denver (63). Each has obviously experienced explosive growth and a huge number of openings (and some closings) since.

Of course, this is only a measurement of “total number of breweries,” not breweries per capita. By that metric, cities like Portland, OR are still far ahead, with 139 breweries to a total population of 1.8 million, which works out to a brewery per every 12,949 people. Others such as Asheville, NC go even lower—its 46 breweries in the Asheville metro area, vs. a population of 424,000, works out to a brewery per 9,236 people. Chicago, meanwhile, has closer to 8.2 million residents, which is more like a brewery per every 49,101 residents.

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NY? The city? How far are they expanding the metro area?

If we stick to actual city limits, we have a decent measure of it.

Chicago, Denver, San Diego, Portland, and Seattle. I would say that is a more valid list.

Bangkok, wow.


Not sure how far metros go you’ll have to ask Brewers Assoc. In NYC proper there is 40 by my count (i’ve visited 22 FYI). I’m guessing Long Island, North NJ, Westchester and Rockland Counties, maybe part of CT.

Metropolitan areas are tricky, as sprawl can go on seemingly for ever. NY’s is a notorious over-extender. One problem with being strict with city limits is that it excludes breweries which have chosen to place themselves in lower-rent/-tax locations just outside the boundaries. So it is probably fairest to include the whole load and remember to divide by population before patting any one place on the back.

The doubling of the stats in the last 5 years pretty much across the board is indeed impressive - the whole USA can pat itself on the back for that.

It would be nice if some Brits and Germans could chip in with their equivalent stats, to see how these things compare in a wider context. My little corner of Europe still has error bars that are too wide to be considered a real data point.

So how many does “Chicago” have?
Doesn’t seem to be mentioned in your quotation.
Unless I am being obtuse.

Sorry didn’t copy that part 167 per the article

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