Who is the Belgium admin?

Could you have a look at all this Chimay Blue oak versions?
The names could probably be fixed


I don’t think we have dedicated Belgium admin. But what’s your problem with the oak versions, other than 02/2019, which may possibly need merging.

The names are messy because they started out with similar idea as La Trappe oak aged (every batch is different barrel or combination), but switched to different model next year, where different batches within a year are the combination of same barrels (hence not different entries in ratebeer).
Not sure if 02/2019 was different than other batches of the same year, if it isn’t it should be merged. If it is it should be kept as is.

That being said, i may clarify some names and descriptions when i have more time

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This is one example:

Chimay Grande RĂ©serve Vieillie En Barriques (2016/2)

It is bottled bottled: 10/8/2016
And it is named Cognac on the label

So Cognac and 10/08 should be in the name
Not number (2016/02) as for #2 that year

Some of them follow the number that year. And that is hard for many to know
And some names refer to the bottled date
That is more easy and exact. Because that is what the label says

And they all have to be listed in the same way
Some have rum or whisky aramgnac….some nothing
It is also Rum and Rhum….


I changed the listing. Let me know if you think it is fines. It should be still searchable by the words on the label, hence I can’t really unify the names without creating bunch of aliases…

There is also question whether 2021 should be aliased to 2017 as they are almost the same, but I know what the answer will be if I raise it at the public forum :smiley:
Although 2019 and 2015 are also quite similar, they are also different enough that they can be kept separated.

At least:
Chimay Grande Réserve Fermentée En Barriques
Chimay Grande RĂ©serve Vieillie En Barriques
Chimay Première Fermentée en Barriques

Are now listed in alphabetic order

Chimay Grande Réserve 2015 Vieillie En Fûts De Bois
2015 should be in the back of the name

I think you have made some as alias
Are you sure?
Different barrel combinations are normally ok
Just as if they have had one extra citra pellet in an ipa……new beer
You mean that every beer from the same year is an alias?

It is absolutely impossible for me to say more about the names
Because I do not understand a word french

It is in the middle of the actual name on the label with big letters. It is different than others.

Didn’t touch existing aliases. Nothing changed as far as aliases go.

2015 = 64% french oak, 36% american oak
15/03/2016 = 38% french oak (2nd use), 22% american oak (2nd use), 22% new cognac barrels, 18% new chestnut.
10/08/2016 = 27% french oak, 40% american oak, 16% cognac, 16% chestnut
12/10/2016 = 31% french oak, 40% american oak, 29% new cognac
2017* = 36% french oak, 42% american oak, 22% rum
2018* = 34% french oak, 41% american oak, 25% whisky
2019* = 40% french oak, 60% american oak
2020* = 24% frenck oak, 48% american oak, 28% amagnac
2021* = 24% french oak, 49% american oak, 27% rum

*Front label mentions the same barrels for every release for those years. Not 100% sure about if the barrels are split in the same for all the batches. To confirm this would need every batch from that year. This is different from 2016 where front labels where different.

You may notice that 2021 and 2017 are quite similar on paper at least…

Same here, but it doesn’t actually matter as long as the names mirror what is on the label (there are some infamous cases where admin decides to fix “the typo” to later find out that the typo in the name was brewer’s intention. Hence what’s on the label should be used as the name).

Great job
I still find them a bit confusing. But they look better now with your corrections

Wonder what they mean with french oak…what have been in those barrels…
American oak…brand new? Probably not

We should have an excurison to that brewery

I just thought you had made som aliases
Because I had less Chimay ratings

First 2016 batch mentions 2nd use oak, so I assume 2015 was first use? Chimay is so big that they can easily afford and get brand new barrels. Note that this is just speculation, and not based on any real evidence.

I have been actually in the monastery (it is very fancy), but you can’t do a brewery tour. You can’t even buy beer from the brewery :smiley: That being said, there is a restaurant + shop not far from the brewery where you can buy Chimay stuff.

Like I said, you shouldn’t have…

I would imagine French / American oak indeed refers to new barrels; if they previously held any alcoholic beverage, they would normally mention that.
It would help if brewers were more consistent in their terminology of “oak infused”, oak aged or barrel aged :slight_smile:

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