Chris Kermis at (almost!) 15k!

Cheers Chris!

I hope to share many more with you!

Gefeliciteerd! :tada:


Cheers Chris!

Doesn’t he have 14.999 ratings? I can’t see it because ofcourse Ratebeer is not online atm.

yeap 14999 still

Yes, his 1 tick got added to the total for a while. The old bug again. So almost there.

Damn, looks like at least 10k since we met. Congrats!

Congrats Chris!

Wasn’t that last year?

Anyway: (almost) congrats Chris!

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shifted into third gear, and it’s 15K. Nice !

It showed 15000 when I posted this thread. Counter broken issue once more? In any case, cheers Chris and please add the 15k-rating before you have a 2k backlog this time…

Just noticed this thread, the new forums aren’t so clear yet. Cheers for the early congrats, now i’ve Really reached my 15k! :slight_smile:


Congrats Chris!!!

Okay, now then: Congrats! :wink::beers:


For real then, congrats!


Very nice, cheers Chris!!

Cheers! Big achievement.