Christmas secret santa

Does ratebeer still do the secret Santa beer trade? That used to be one of my favorite parts of the year. Opening a box of completely unknown beers…??

Yep, they still happen.
Just finished Euro Swap 3/20.
Around 30 people in it.
Keep checking on the Beer Trades forum - someone should start it soon.

We had a US one last year as well. Good chance we will this year too.

I’ll be up for a US-EU swap as well - had it years ago…

US_EU swap sounds good, but isn`t it complicates to sent beer to the US?

Also very expensive.

it depends - I’ve done it a few times. The parcel must be packed extremely careful - as soon as it leaks or breaks everyone knows what’s inside and the parcel will be confiscated…
and it isn’t cheap - 10Kgs cost ±50€
But it works…

but aren`t there any shipping restriction? Or customs?

thats why you ship “collectible glassware” or similiar :wink:

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I see…

And here in Germany I always had to pick up the parcel at the customs office. But this is no big deal - they always complained why it wasn’t declared correctly, but for “beer from friends” you don’t have to pay customs or extra taxes here. It just needs to look like a real present from the inside. :slight_smile: :gift:

Not to mention running the risk of sending someone a 100€+ box and receiving a poorly packed box of old leftover trade extras in return, none according to your preferences, because your sender thought these beers “needed more ratings”.

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Sounds like that’s written from experience!
I have heard traders labelling it hot sauce, given that you can clearly hear liquid inside. If it wasn’t so expensive and risky I’d do it again. Too many horror stories have put me off