Chunky Beer

From time to time while sampling “build your own 6 pack” beer I run across chunky beer. It seems to be primarily in IPA. It normally doesn’t have an off taste. I have a picture from one I encountered Saturday night.

Hold the bottles to the light before you grab them. Chunkiest beer I’ve ever seen was Pauwel Kwak.

Chunks are good. Full of protein! NE IPAs specialize in small chunks.


I’m cool with fine sediment but don’t care for chunks.
Not a deal breaker though, I just tend to find it unappealing visually.
I like to have some cheesecloth handy just for this.

Alchemist Heady Topper has tons of chunks. I only drink it from the can…I can’t finish my glass if I pour it into a glass. the chunks ar a turn off.

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