Churchkey and Sovereign

Does anybody know if Churchkey and/or Sovereign are ever planning on reopening? Seems like they’d be bleeding money paying rent at those locations if they had no intention of opening until the end of COVID. I personally wouldn’t be surprised if Sovereign didn’t survive, since it was so often empty and didn’t have much of a fast tap turnover whenever I visited. Anyone, just wondering if anyone heard anything? Are they doing well enough with their offsales to manage the storm? A lot of other restos on 14th are using parking lot space for tables, but seems CK has no interest in doing that. I haven’t seen any kind of statement from them one way or another.

I agree, part of me wouldn’t be surprised if Sovereign doesn’t open up ever again. Loved the beers and interior layout and design. I think being at the end of an alley was neat, but between that and being just a few yards off of M Street, I wouldn’t be shocked if foot traffic was low.

I appreciate that they’re doing bottle sales out of at least Churchkey (I get emails from NRG about CK bottle sales), but definitely not in my budget to travel into the city for something like that.