Cider/mead tasting in early 2018?

I thought the one we did in December 2016 went really well.

We had a lot of time to plan that one out so I don’t want to rush suggesting doing one again before the end of the year.

How about we tentatively plan on having a cider/mead tasting in the DC area sometime in early 2018? Maybe sometime after Valentine’s Day, weather permitting?

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I will be heading back to Jackson Hole, probably on Jan. 12. Would be interested in a tasting before then. I have a couple ice ciders to add to the mix.

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Damn, I miss all the good tastings and only can be around for the cider tastings… only so many times I can write “tastes like apples” on a rating… hahaha. Anyway, I’m down. I’m out dec 22 till jan 1st or so but otherwise good.

I have a strong feeling that these will be the only “good” days that early in January.

January 5-7

I’ll have to check with the wife to make sure I haven’t forgotten about anything that might be going on that weekend.

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I can block out those days on my calendar if that works for others.


I won’t be able to make January 5-6 work but could do the 7th.

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How does that 7th sound to everyone?

I got the word from the wife that we don’t have anything going on that weekend.

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fine here. I can probably host too if needed

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I’m in. Might bring a couple lambics that din’t taste like apples to clear the palate every now and then.


I’m in.

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Here’s the spreadsheet so we can start listing these things out:

Spreadsheet seems to be view only.


BTW my girlfriend brought me back like 12 unentered Panamanian craft beers… Who ready to party???

I’m totally down.

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Josh, Bring 'em on! (Unless they are all insipid pale lagers.)

Well i just entered them and it looks like I shockingly found some of them were costa rican beers passing off as Panamanian. The intrigue deepens.

I think I can make this, if that’s cool. And I work near a meadery.

The more the merrier! Even if you don’t have any cider/mead/cyser/sake to contribute.

In on 7th. And my gluten-free PITA gf can imbibe.