Cincinnati/Dayton (July 20th-24th)

Traveling to Dayton to visit family late next week. Used to live in Cincinnati but that was well before I even had a vague idea about what beer was. Looking for a few recommendations (after having read all Peter’s place reviews). Won’t have a lot of time for beer as this trip is focused on spending time with family and I just dropped too much in Austin, TX last week but want to get what I can in…

  1. Is Belmont Party Supply far and way the best bottle shop in Dayton? Not really looking for anything special, just a nice variety of locals (Jackie O, Hoppin Frog, etc.)Preferably singles for mix packs to bring back and bombers to share.

  2. Jungle Jims in Fairfield or Eastgate for bottle selection? (Last time I lived in Cincinnati, the Eastgate location was still a Biggs. I’m assuming what they get is the same, but curious if one gets cleaned out faster or has things sitting longer than the other)

  3. Will only get to spend 1 day in Cincinnati and have time to hit 1 maybe 2 breweries if they are close. Curious which combo I should do, or if I should try something totally different… preferably with good food as well since we’ll probably eat lunch here…
    -Rhinegeist & Taft
    -50 West & Madtree (leaning towards this)
    -Urban Artifact & Taft’s Brewporium
    -Woodburn & Listermanns

  4. Anything else…? Might try to do a quick round of the four breweries in downtown Dayton since they are all within walking distance of each other. Wish I was spending a week here just for beer! Would love to meet a lot of the SW Ohio group, but I’m afraid I won’t get to make it happen this time.


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  1. Yes.

  2. JJ’s in Fairfield is better than JJ’s in Eastgate last I knew, but it’s been a few years. I would check out Dutch’s and Party Source too though.

  3. Listermann’s & MadTree; I don’t dick with 50W since Blake left. Listermann’s & MadTree have both blown up. The former is much nicer and is making great stuff, and the latter has a new location that’s worth the trip alone (and a Catch-a-Fire pizza place inside that’s delicious).

  4. Branch & Bone in Dayton is supposed to be good (I haven’t been yet), and I’d check out Nine Giant and Urban Artifact in Cincy if you have time too.

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Not being a local to Cincinnati and giving an outsiders perspective. The Party Source has the largest selection of beer in the area (it is just over the border in KY) and actually the largest selection of beer I have ever seen, I like to go there first. I usually then go to a JJ. I think Cappy’s is really worth the trip. I try to do Dutch’s last, they don’t have a big selection, but I always find a couple to try. I will let the locals handle the ever changing brewery scene.

Similarly, as a visitor three times in the past 2 years (and also will be visiting right around the same time you are there), the Party Source for bottles.

And of all those breweries, Taft’s is my favorite. Urban Artifact is cool to visit though. I haven’t visited Mad Tree but have not been impressed with their beers or they did not live up to the hype.

While in Dayton you may want to check out Ollies Place in Centerville for a bottle shop. Belmont is a great place if you only have time for one. Party Source in KY is great, but I actually think Belmont has a better selection. Party Source has some different stuff since it is in KY, and an insane amount of high end liquor.

Downtown Dayton has the new Lock 27 by the Dayton Dragon’s stadium, which I recommend for food, then a quick walk to Dayton Beer Company (which has lots of other Ohio brewer’s beers on tap), Warped Wing and then Toxic. Very compact and all making very good beers. Fifth Street is not much further down the street if you want to shoot for five.

You really can’t go wrong in Cincinnati. Taft has decent food and Rhinegeist is an really cool space. Listerman’s is making some great beer though.

Have a fun trip. I’ll be up in Cleveland area drinking that weekend or I’d try to meet up at one the Dayton places.


Thanks for the recommendation on the Party Source! Didn’t think to check KY locations. Will definitely be swinging by that place.

Your plan for downtown with Lock 27, Dayton, Warped Wing, and Toxic is exactly what I was thinking since it’s so convient all so close together…I will check out Ollies as I will actualy be staying in Centerville.

Listerman’s is probably at top for me beer wise, but the wife does want to check out Findlay Market and Over-the-Rhine (when I lived there, you didn’t even drive in areas there midday), so I may have to check out Taft and Rhinegeist just because.

Brother in law is stationed at Wright Patterson working on his PhD so I imagine we will be taking a trip out there every chance we get while he is there the next 3 years. Hopefully I’ll be back sooner than later to drink with many of the Ohio guys!