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Cintra Strong Beer 16.9% Alcohol Content

I’ve visited my local liquor shop and they started selling cheap, high alcohol content unknown beers. I’ve tried Atlas, Diablo, Martens, Maximus and Now Cintra. They all range between 15% - 18% Alcohol contents. Tastes like demon piss but gives me a whole day buzz. But lately I’m a bit worried. I’ve googled these breweries and none came up legit. Can anyone enlighten me on these beers and if anyone knows if these are moonshine mixed beers? I fear for my liver and kidneys.

They are all legit, from legit breweries, just cheap alcohol delivery systems for those with very little to no taste.

Though… unsure which Diablo you’re talking about. Atlas, Martens and Maximus are from Belgium, Cintra’s made in Portugal.

Thanks Marko. Also can anyone advice on this packging if you guys have seen it.Thanks.


It’s this one:

Make sure you post a rating so the rest of us can find out more about this delightful sounding beverage.


If you pack them in a box, and send them here, I will make sure they get tested by one of the finest facilities in the region, and will report back on what I find. As this is by necessity a destructive process, I will only be able to replace them with local alternatives.


It’s ok. Thanks for the offer. Just checking.

But the “local alternatives” are probably of a higher quality - no ?

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