He rated a few recently. Hoping he didn’t pull a groundhog on us and get scared of his shadow. Cheers to an old beer friend :beers:


He was my first trade, way back when. :star_struck:

I miss Cletus

I’m still around. Thanks for the shoutout. I don’t really review beer anymore. I’m too busy in my local scene to get bogged down on that end.


I’m going to start rating and rerating everything on this site a perfect score until they delete my account because this site sucks ass and is hopelessly out of date and out of touch with the 21st century.



The site’s pretty old compared to what else is out there, dude. Half of my local scene isn’t even in the database.

Cool story, bro.

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It’s nice to know the old grumps are still around using the same inside jokes.

Anyway, @beastiefan2k, @t0rin0, @cheap, good to hear from you!

Cletus be a trip! Saw those rates. John, sugar coating it as always! Be good John!

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Same tired phrases

I don’t understand the point of the rerates. On one hand, I agree that the site sucks, and the only thing keeping me here is friends and the desire to get to 10K, but on the other, if you’re going to badmouth the site and talk about what a waste of time it is, why come back in the first place?


Sorry to get all OTM here, but reading Mr Magoo’s comments and I just thought “this is what Trump has wrought.” Not saying Juan is a Trump supporter, per se, but Trump’s presence has made it seem OK for a lot of people to feel it’s acceptable to be pro-actively abrasive, as jjpm is doing in his ratings.

Juan, I drive through Connecticut every once in a while. Your behavior, if it has any impact at all (unlikely), will make it more likely I scroll past those places. Just be nice and say “hey, guys, you’re missing out on my local scene!” That’d have made me plan a road trip.

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Man, this turned into a weird fucken thread really quick.


Adding beers is too difficult for you, I take it.

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The correct response to not liking a website that you used to use is to not use that website any more.

A perfectly acceptible response is to delete your ratings, and then not use it any more. The new owners indeed were not who you thought you were sharing your data with when you entered it, you should have the right for them to be forgotten.

The incorrect response is to vandalise it. Adding junk ratings, that perturb genuine users’ use of the site (sorting by score no longer works, they’ll get your partizan spammy rants rather than the actual top reviews) is vandalism.

Your behaviour comes over as petty. You’re just shitting on doorsteps.


Connecticut is a shithole. Maybe if you spent less time creating mediocre beer and more time taking care of your cities (see: New Haven) people wouldn’t just drive through your state. If people haven’t added beers from your local, it probably meant they didn’t want to try them in the first place.

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Despite the vitriol we certainly need more southern New England raters. CT has 66 active brewers in our database (probably more in real life) but only takes 50 beers to make top 50 raters of that state. Also Rhode Island, when I started keeping track in 2014 it took 17 beers to make top 50 raters of that state and now at end of 2017 it took 22 thats a growth of only 5 which is terrible.

Yes CT cities aren’t great but New Haven has excellent Pizza and there are a bunch of terrific Hot Dog joints scattered throughout state .

To be fair, CT never had extensive coverage by RB users. This is not a change. We need one of those crazy RBians that in a year adds every beer in CT and then burns out on RB/beer.

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New Haven’s pizza is nothing special. Plus, you have to be in New Haven when you get it, which sucks because the town looks like shit and the people are assholes.


That’s insane find me a link to a single list of best pizza in America that doesn’t at least have Frank Pepe’s on it if not one or two other New Haven joints on it. Lets not get off topic though we can make an OT-L pizza discussion if need be, since moving from NYC to Orlando finding good pizza has weighed heavily on my soul.