Cloudwater Double Golden Ale

This beer:

It looks like it was only available at Mikkeller and Friends in 2017 during the CLoudwater TTO. Does anyone know if this is a unique recipe or an alias of something.


It looks legit. There were 2 DIPAs released at same times with different yeasts.

It’s not one that I ever caught up with.

Original version of I believe.

Not sure why the name change from double to imperial but the White Wine BA version was added 6 months later and says on the label it was matured in barrels for 6 months. So it stands to reason that the original “Double Golden Ale” was the non-BA release.

On Untappd it was originally called “Double Golden Gyle 245” but got renamed following the White Wine BA bottle release, the ABV dropped from 9 to 8.5%, and they were subsequently merged.
I’m pretty sure we had this confirmed with Cloudwater at the time as being the same beer, because it wasn’t obvious given the naming difference, the BA, and the ABV change. But looking over it now that doesn’t sound at all right to me, so I’m inclined to believe they are in fact different.

So it sounds like what you are saying is that RB has it right and UT has it wrong, given that they merged the BA and non-BA versions.

It certainly looks that way to me, yeah.
And none of the reviews of the original mention any barrel/wine character, whereas almost everyone mentions it in the other. So yeah, 99% sure they’re different.
No idea why the entries on UT were merged, looks like that should be reversed.

I think i might be the one that added this to RB if i remember rightly, just checked my google photo drive from the TTO and found it on tap no 40, was not much info to go on apart from this at the time. The event on Facebook also said some of the beers were only brewed for that TTO.

Just glad those big wooden light boxes to smack your head on are no longer there since the refit earlier this year :smiley: