Cloudwater Festive Beers 2017

Cloudwater launched their 2017 festive seasonals yesterday (still some left if you want to buy). I’ve done my best to add all the new ones to the site with the proper descriptions and images before they’ve gone out of stock and disappear. Some are new, some are barrel aged versions of existing ones, and some (I assume) are bottled versions of beers that were on keg at various festivals throughout the year (now with differing ABV).

I don’t know if an admin wants to update ABVs/descriptions of the existing ones to match the bottled versions or just leave them as they are? Or create a new entry? I think they’re close enough to remain as the existing entry, but I have noticed some beers have separate entries for 2015 and 2016 so I’m not sure what the threshold is. I think it’s +10% difference, which none of these are.
I didn’t bother submitting corrections as technically both ABVs will be correct and I’m not sure what we prefer - The original ABV in which it appeared? Or the new ABV from the bottled versions? I did submit description corrections though.

Anyway, here’s the ABV changes to existing beers which I have NOT submitted: - now 12.8% - now 13% - now 4.6%

There may be others I’ve missed but I think barring those ABV discrepancies the database should be complete now.

I’ve been through them, I think we will leave them as they are, there is plenty of information with each one to give a guidance of which beer to rate. Let’s see how it goes.