Cloudwater NE DIPA Mosaic (Citra)

I believe this needs some admin attention, so i thought I’d raise it up here so you can take a look and hopefully get it sorted. There are now two similar beers .

  1. Cloudwater NE DIPA Citra Mosaic - Added May 2017 9%
  2. Cloudwater NE DIPA Citra Mosaic (8.5%) (Can) - Added Jan 2018, then aliased, then unaliased.

I was original quite sceptical when beer 2 got added, because of the similar name and abv, so I decided to do some research. Here is what I found.

  • Beer 1 was launched at / around Mikkeller Beer Celebrateion May 2017. It was later released in the UK at brewdog bars.
  • Beer 1 was a keg only release.
  • Beer 2 was released late Dec 2017 and was kegged and canned.
  • Beer 1 was listed in many bars as “Cloudwater NE DIPA Mosaic”. This is noted in a few of the ratings of this beer, including the ratings of the right honourable @The_Osprey and @Garrold . Both of which are solid studious raters that I trust.

Here is some photographic evidence of my last point.

Pump clip 29th May 2017

_Key keg label _

Listing at brewdog bar May 14th 2017

Beer 2 however has been clearly marked differently with citra hop being emphasised on the front of the can and pump clip.

Beer 2 Pump clip Jan 2018

Beer 2 Can Jan 2018

In Conclusion

  • Beer 1 should be renamed “Cloudwater NE DIPA Mosaic”
  • Beer 2 should be renamed “Cloudwater NE DIPA Citra Mosaic”
  • Ratings should be moved. This should be relatively easy given the big time gap between the two beers and the fact that the first beer was keg only.

I thought something was up with that. I recently rated the December canned one and noticed the differences in ABV and description, but that an admin had edited it. I was pretty sure that the canned one was a different beer to the one from MBCC, but unlike you I had no proof so I did not pursue it any further.

For what it’s worth there was also no reference to the older one on the can, they just used their usual iterative language to describe what had changed since the last DIPA.
I think if Cloudwater ever rebrewed one of their DIPAs it would be a massive thing too and would certainly catch our attention.

Good job posting all the evidence! Hopefully this can be sorted out.

Was that last photo taken at a beer share in a shitter? And who took their shoes off? Weird lot, you London boys…


There is probably a glory hole in there. Apparently it’s all the rage in London.

Those beers are completely different being 6 months apart when they were brewed almost every variable is different. Hops, malt, yeast : yes these are natural products so things change. Also, one is dry hopped the other uses a hop gun. Please do not merge these beers. Cheers.

That’s not my photo unfortunately (it’s from untapped) so I’m not well placed to comment on the presence of a shitter or glory hole. Maybe the untapped guys love a glory hole. I’m not here to judge. Just here to drop cold hard facts.

“Are you here for the Untappd tasting?”


“Did you wear black socks?”


“Please remove your shoes.”

removes shoes to reveal black socks

“OK, let’s proceed with the tasting. Please leave your shoes off.”

Cloudwater are a pain in the a**e.


Generally beers are different, have recipe on the can and now seem to put the release details on-line

Compared to things like Siren Calypso then it’s pretty simple

Think the problem initially was it was advertised incorrectly and added as per the photo. Has Citra and Mosaic listed, the later canned version, marketed as Citra Mosaic also has Enigma in it but on the front.

So what’s the verdict, can we get this one fixed? It seems pretty clear cut to me.



I’ve heard they are the same beer but heat my DIPAs to fireplace temperature so to be honest I’d never know

When these are fixed the description on the original keg version needs to be removed and placed under the canned one.

Hopefully this is now fixed to the satisfaction of all involved. New picture for original entry might not have uploaded yet. 4 or 5 folks ive contacted need to move their rates.

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I am indeed satisfied by this. Thanks!

Btw did joet fix the bug where admins weren’t able to upload new photos for beers that already had one associated with it? If so still has a screenshot from a phone of the photo which although I find amusing is a bit silly. The link to the actual image is here: if you want to replace it. :slight_smile:

Wasn’t aware there was an issue replacing pictures.

Check the original mosaic only NE DIPA in the morning.

If it still has a picture of a can then take it as not fixed !

@LazyPyro I’m glad the mistake I made uploading that pic still provides you with a source of amusement, all this time later. I can’t help but think you must have an odd sense of humour though. Maybe you need to get out more? Stop collecting badges on here for what must be hours on end? Anyway, just a thought. Cheers.

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All is well!

Thanks for your concern but I merely refer back to it as a measure for @joet’s bug fixing, or lack thereof. Nothing against you personally, I didn’t even know it was you who did it until you pointed it out, it’s just that I’m not aware of any other obvious image errors we can test replacement on. The fact we’re talking about Cloudwater images here reminded me of it. Also for what it’s worth I made a mistake, I meant to say bemusing, not amusing. But really I’m surprised you care enough to reply, it’s not a big deal, just an error I’ve been telling joet about for fucking ages and would like to see fixed (the image replacement that is, not that beer specifically).

Also I couldn’t care less about badges, you must have me confused with Mr Garvie, or perhaps SilkTork who awarded himself literally every badge. I changed my opinion on badges here after the badge whoring thread and wouldn’t mind at all if joet disabled them, but I know he won’t.

Main thing I care about here is the accuracy of the database. Anyway @Garrold I feel like we got off on the wrong foot a while back. Let’s forget about this crap and move on. Will you be at the Cotteridge thingy? We’ll have a drink there. I’ll buy.

@theydon well I’m not an admin so I can’t confirm but imdownthepub or whoever was handling most of the place/brewery changes on the old forums just before we switched to these new ones said something about it when I asked if a brewery who had rebranded should have it’s new logo uploaded, apparently the same issue was affecting beers too.