Cloudwater rebrew DIPA v3, and release v3.1

I wouldn’t normally start a thread for a single beer release as that would flood the forums given how many come out every single day, but I figured this one will be of interest to a lot of you given the acclaim it got at the time and the high regard it is still held in today.

There’s a spreadsheet linked in their blog post comparing original v3, 2018 v3, and v3.1, for those who care about the differences.

Will you be getting a can? I certainly will. I missed out on v3 as I was just beginning my journey into craft around that time, and it was one of my biggest regrets not finding out about it sooner. I know the 2018 version won’t be exactly the same, but still, it’s the next best thing, and I’m curious to know if it still holds up compared to today’s tastes.

You’re missing the best part of the blog - that they’re offering free postage in May. Great stuff, will be putting in an order in the next few minutes.


Oh damn I thought I mentioned that but you’re right I didn’t. Indeed, was ready to place mine but the singles are out stock now so am waiting for the imminent restock.

I don’t understand how their stock system works such that they can have packs of 4, 8, 12, whatever yet run out of singles when they’re all singles in the first place as far as I’m aware.

Thanks for the heads up Chris, having just spent in the region of 400 Euros at Bierhalle DeConick in Vichte and Dranken Vande Woude at Pervijde Dixmuide last Friday we really didn’t need the beers, but I have convinced myself that it is festival season and cans are the way forward rather than glass at most UK Music Festivals these days and most of the beers I picked up in Belgium were bottles.

I just ordered the singles. Quick re-stock!

Looks like its arriving today, I’m looking forward to all 3 of the DIPAs this weekend!

I was hoping mine would arrive today as the Mrs is out tonight, but according to the tracking link it is nowhere.

Parcelforce tracking is totally fucked since last night. I don’t think anyone has any idea where their parcels are. Looks like their whole system is down, they claim deliveries are being made as normal though.

I am having the same issue, I haven’t a clue where it is, suffice to say it isn’t with me yet :-(:frowning_face:

Last updated: 8:22 Fri. 4th May.
Technical problems

We have again experienced ongoing road closures in the proximity of our processing hubs, plus there has been an outage overnight with our core IT systems that has significantly affected the transfer of pre-advice data and tracking events around our network. Everything is being done to get this fixed as a matter of upmost urgency.

Despite this, the vast majority of parcels were successfully processed overnight, they have been received in our delivery depots and will be delivered as normal today. A small proportion will not arrive in our depots this morning and these will be prioritised for delivery tomorrow.

The main issue this morning is the visibility of tracking data. We have had to suspend the Tracking and Reporting Dashboard, there will be no SMS notification services, no MyParcelLive and these tracking events will not be visible on the Parcelforce App.

We of course apologise for the inconvenience this may cause but can assure you that we are doing all we can to get our service back to the normal levels that you should expect.

This has really not been my week for issues with couriers. I’ve had a parcel for a beer trade waiting all week, and now this… :roll_eyes:

99% of the time Parcelforce deliver to me at stupid o’clock in the morning when I’m barely awake. It’s now 2pm and still nothing so I’m not too hopeful of getting it today.

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Not had mine yet either. Off today.

What was stange was when I got the first parcel force email (Tuesday pm) it had my address correct for the first part then ended in Glasgow with a G1 postcode!!!

I mailed the Brewery about this … didn’t hear back but I got a 2nd parcel force email yesterday with the correct address.

As they say no tracking working so I’m still dubious about this order!

Jesus. How many people were ordering from Cloudburst to make Parcelforce crash :relaxed:

990 of us to be precise! (according to their insta/facebook post) but I suspect there are still many more to ship. Others are complaining about not having received their parcels today so it seems to be a pretty widespread problem.

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Incidentally I got billed for postage … the usual £4.99

Did you have to order in April to get it free ?

I ordered on May 1st.

The beers only appeared online on 1st May didn’t they? That’s when I ordered too. Just checked my invoice and it had shipping as £0.00 and I manually added it up to make sure and the total is right.

I’d reply to the order confirmation email if I were you, they will probably have no problem refunding that.

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I’m talking shit … it was post free … think it may have been on my original shopping cart then dropped Off.

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I got mine at about mid-day. They were on about the first 7 hundred and something orders going out (or up to order number 7 hundred whatever). Maybe they got snowed under and didn’t ship all orders out?

No sign of mine and I’ve had to head out for 30 minutes to collect the kids, odds on it will arrive when I’m out and I’ll miss it ! :slight_smile:

Nah … nowt today.

When I pay £4.99 it always comes within 24 hours.

Bollocks to free postage stunts !

Got nothing here either, first time I’ve ever failed to receive a Cloudwater parcel within 24 hours. And Parcelforce’s Track & Trace page is still saying they have issues.