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Cloudwater Tesco exclusives

I’m sure some will have seen the new Cloudwater Tesco exclusives.

Do these need to be added as separate beers. They look different but have the same name as other cloudwater beers.

Just trying the Pale Ale now, and it clearly says this is brewed at BrewDog in Ellon.

The normal pale ale


The Tesco one.

Both are called Pale Ale and are 3.7%.

I already added all of them to RB knowing this question would come up. According to Cloudwater they are different although I’ve not had them myself. Same style and strength as you say, but different hops I think it was, and obviously BrewDog brewing it rather than CW.

They all have Tesco in the name to distinguish them from Cloudwater’s own beers with the same names.



Thanks Chris

Same recipe brewed in another location = not a new tick.*
Different recipe (different hops are considered different recipe in rb) and easy to distinguish = new tick.

*this rule is more relaxed when dealing with collabs, in old days all collabs brewed in different locations were aliased. Nowadays multiple entries are allowed to make the life easier and of course more ticks :smiley:

If you’re not convinced by this or the various Cratchit collabs you must be a deeply cynical person.

Tickers going to tick, but I bet they taste pretty much the same as they are the same recipe. It’s all about making £££ in a market they weren’t really in.

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The pales have the same abv but the others do vary. So maybe they are slightly different.

I haven’t done a blind taste but they do appear to be different. Generally lighter in flavour. Less hazy / cloudy. Also they are brewed at BrewDog which is weird for a cloudwater beer.

I agree it appears to be driver by £…


On a similar note, now that Draft Houses have all become unbranded BrewDogs (other than Ealing which is now BrewDog Ealing) they each have their own Siren Suspended in… beer. I asked on Twitter if they were different beers. They’ve all been added to Untappd but that is potentially just a marketing exercise.

I’ve bought all four of the Tesco/Cloudwater cans. A lot cheaper than a ‘normal’ Cloudwater offering. Had one so far, it was fine.


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