Cloudwater to open London Taproom

Just saw this article today.

Mentions that they are aiming to open a venue (Taproom) at 73 Enid Street, Bermondsey by the autumn this year.

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I’m not surprised that this will be in Bermondsey but I am a bit disappointed.

I think it makes sense for a new brewery to position itself near others, but a CW bar would attract plenty of punters if they set it up pretty much anywhere.

Still, I’m a mere 10 minutes away from Enid Street by bike so I’m still excited for it to open!

Very excited for this.

Oh jeez. I’ll never get from one end to the other of the Bermondsey run now. Please, please can they stop trying to get me drunker and drunker??
Well, I suppose I’ll just have to give it a go.

That puts it one arch away from Moor at no.71 (there’s a tyre company at no.72).

Number 72 will be a Swedish beer & cheese bar. The guy who’s running/building it has connections to Dugges and will import Swedish craft to UK.

With us (BBNo) at 75 and 79 it’s getting a bit mental here at Enid Street!

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