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So is Cold IPA still not a style here?

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Apparently not yet!

Best I can do, is a tag. cold ipa Beer List | RateBeer

Love it, hate it, ignore it…it is a more defined style than most. I would love to try the original.

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It’ll be added in 2026 when no one is making the style anymore.


Only had 3 so far and enjoy them. Need grab a few more. What about Italian Pils? not as defined but very prevalent.

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Also maybe Rice Lager those are 3 new ones I would like.

I’m all for having an Italian Pils section as well, but can see the challenges there…but at the end of the day its just like APA vs IPA or Stout vs Porter: Brewer’s Intention.

Brewer’s intention: call the beer “something IPA” because the marketing people say it will sell. Call it a new style, a resurrected ancient style or both.

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Word. Would rather break out the mead styles instead.

What other mead styles other than ones we have would you want? An admin just moved a mead to spiced for me (without me knowing) so finally at 10 of that style! Just need 8 more ice perry unless you get your way

Much to my disgust, white stouts have probably been around long enough and had enough examples to be added as a style on here.

On the cidery meady front, cyser should definitely be added.

I’d also be up for splitting out session meads (sub 6%) as they seem to be becoming more common (which is a good thing in my opinion).

I suspect you can probably split out cider into regional sub-styles (West country scrumpy/Norfolk/Normandy maybe?) but I don’t know enough about ciders to for a definitive answer on this. Or alternatively simply into sweet/medium/dry?

Personally I’d like to see the huge and varied bitter style split out between the paler drier hoppier ones (eg Tim Taylor Landlord) and the darker maltier ones (eg Jennings Bitter) - although it may be hard to come up with an objective way of splitting.

Re: Italian Pils, I don’t know what one of these actually is - maybe someone can enlighten me?


Italian Pils is basically stuff like Tipopils, which is a dry hopped pilsner.

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Thanks - how does differ from an IPL then?

My understanding (and the examples I’ve generally seen) is that IPL tends to be basically an American IPA fermented with a lager yeast instead of an ale yeast. So, you would expect to get typical American, New Zealand, etc. hop characteristics (citrus, pine, tropical fruit, etc.) and see hop varieties that match, such as Citra, Cascade, Simcoe, Mosaic, etc.

Italian Pils, on the other hand, tends to have hops that are conventional European varietals like Saaz, Tettnanger, Hallertau, etc. This has generally to be true in most of the examples of Italian Pils that I have tried.

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Thanks @mansquito and @brokensail, very informative & much more helpful than the tag description which says “Nobody knows what it is, but many call it this way…”!

I’ll have to track one down sometime…

I did actually propose this a while back but didn’t get much (or any really) support from other admins so it didn’t go anywhere. FWIW I don’t like them either but I feel it’s a distinct, if gimmicky, enough “style” to warrant being separated out from true stouts or a generic “flavored” category, which is why I proposed it. In the mean time, the tags white-stout (which has well over 700 examples tagged - I think justifying itself!), and imperial-white-stout should be used.

100% agree to both of these. Both are relatively common in terms of mead, particularly session ones.

Yeah both of these could work I suppose. Personally I’d be in favour of sweet, medium and dry substyles for now as those are common across the world.

Yeah I think it would be difficult to come up with definitive splits. I think it’s fine with just the two categories we have now.
Untappd recently expanded it’s bitter substyles to 3, including “Session/Ordinary”, “Best”, and “ESB/Strong” and it was a challenge coming up with good definitions for these, they’re not even agreed upon in UK, let alone anywhere else.

I would +1 for this to be added as a style. Yes it’s similar to an IPL but brewers seem to only ever market as one or the other, and there’s plenty of each style still being made.
You’ve already been enlightened by others but I’ll add that it was put to me in layman’s terms that: Italian Pils are the same as normal Czech/German Pils but generously dry-hopped with noble hops, whereas IPLs would typically use new world hops at even stronger levels more akin to an IPA, or even literally be an IPA but on a bottom-fermenting yeast.

Finally, as for the topic at hand. I agree Cold IPA == IPL. But once again brewers are marketing as one or the other and apparently seeing better sales when it’s a “Cold IPA” so I wouldn’t be against adding it. Again, there’s already plenty of examples out there, it’s not so niche any more.

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two sources:

Talked about some of these here:

But ya, I can’t really say I can tell distinctly how cold IPAs are different from the ones I’ve tasted from anything else. But there are enough of them around, might as well break out a style.

Other candidates as mentioned above
White stouts (groan)
Italian Pils
Japanese Rice Lager
Kentucky Common
Smoothie sour
Triple IPA??

And if you break out meads maybe Tej? Very distinct style of mead.