anyone else hitting one of the spots today. Going to hit them quickly on my way to the bats Birthday.

its a shame it clashes as i really like the idea.

Yep I’m just heading to Birmingham Tilt, Andy Parker is there, took me a good 20 minutes to add those beers this morning and I still messed up the doppelbock

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dont worry the new app failed to find one. so i double added it and @theydon_bois gave me a right ticking off for it :scream: and thanks for adding. how is tilt. seems a decent place
but not been to Birmingham since it opened as its not an easy place from Edinburgh

@RichTheVillan did a decent job adding the Base beer details.

Some of the online lists were a touch confusing … the one I sent @cgarvieuk was by far the clearest and had the best information at most informative from which I used to supplement Richs adds.

I managed six of eight. Passed on the 2 Belgians (happy to skip tbh).

Would have clean sweeped but time ebbing away and 2 new Kernels with 2 rate between them were offered about 200 yards away so had to prioritise!

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i did all of them but rushed due to bat birthday

It’s really good they have a mobile bar now which ups the tap list to about 18 when required, definitely one of the better places in Birmingham

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