Collabfest 2021

As a veteran of all collabfests and taking down the bulk of the list in the London bars, it is essential to have the bar name in the beer name, as many bars don’t list the beer name.

And as you say … it looks stupid without the / to break the name up.

There are rules to every site of course, but sometimes exceptions are the common sense approach.


Yes I heard, but every one of mine was in perfect draft condition. I assume the oxidised cans were filled incorrectly at the same location, or by the same person.

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I got two boxes last year, lights and darks (I think is how they marketed them) so 24 total.

One crowler was poor … 2 or 3 average but I’d say 20 just fine and for the price point I had no arguements.

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Managed to get both in Brewdog Ealing yesterday/ I had a really nice few hours there - a free flight of tasters to start with, a paid flight of thirds next, and then one of the many lovely staff brought over another flight for free She said another customer had ordered it then changed their mind, and the bar staff didn’t want to chuck it! :grinning: All BD beers, but it included a third of 13% Off-Duty King… :crazy_face:

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I got the dark case and it was sooo good and such excellent value - 12 500ml cans for £30 or £35 - I wished I’d ordered two, or possibly three… Too late by then of course.

yes … the 3 or 4 I had issues with were all pales/sours

as is often the case, Sheff seemed to be near the back of the queue and only got 27 of the 70odd. Got some I wanted and some I wasn’t bothered about, miss a load i wanted and some I wasn’t arsed about, prob about right pro-rata, actually ticked a few UK breweries but was more interested in the forrin stuff. What I wanted though was based on concepts, some of the beers didn’t live up to potential, perhaps unsurprisingly if BD still insisting on a low maximum price per keg, only had a couple I thought were really good beers

as for last year, my pale box was mostly ok but with nothing standout and a couple of duds, my dark box didn’t arrive, and I didn’t order the mixed as i figured it would be mostly/all repeats, turns out that was the one to go for if you wanted (as i did) sours

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I had some really good beers, and some mediocre beers. Nothing that truly stood out as horrible, although there were a couple that I was looking forward to that turned out to be pretty disappointing. Standouts for me were the Hammerton and Accidental flavoured stouts, as well as the BAPBAP export stout.

On Saturday my palate got overloaded a bit so I ended up finishing the evening in the Ale Wagon for some standard trad English styles.

All the cans were filled at BrewDog Tower Hill. A colleague knew someone who worked there. They had more orders than expected and they were doing long hours trying to get everything processed.

Got one so far this year. The Big Smoke one from a local garden centre. Won’t be going near any BrewDogs for a few weeks (gig in Brixton at the end of November to be precise).

What gig are you off to?



was meant to see them 20 years ago, got cancelled. never noticed another chance over next few years, not that arsed now TBH

I bought their first album in 1997 and subsequently forgot about them for 15+ years. However a couple of mates are into them so have seen them/Roddy Woomble 6 times over the last few years.

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I waited for 2 hours to see them at Glastonbury 99 after their bus got stuck in the mud coming on site. That first EP Captain was something else, and worth the wait to see it played live, even after my mates had deserted me.

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