Collaboration Brews, viewable from each brewers list

Any chance you would make an easy way to see a collaboration beer entry in every brewer list instead of just 1?
It could be done the same way as the “Contracted to” but instead it could be an entry “In Collaboration with”.


Suggested this ages ago. Got no response. We really really really need this functionality as collabs are so common these days.


Yeah and it’s almost the same mechanic as “contracted to” beers, just the reverse…

Except collabs often have more than two participants. Any system would need to allow for this.

I don’t see any reason why it would be limited to 1 anyway?
All we’re saying is the functionality is already in place, it’s just not being used to its full potential.

And it’s not that often… This is mainly between 2 brewers

If this functionality is added, why not go all the way? We recently had a collab of 5 brewers here in Switzerland.

sure if possible, but I prefer that they limit the fonctionality to 2 brewers than not a all if it’s too complicated

I know nothing about the technical side of things but I’d have thought that there would be at least some adaptation required to use the one to one mechanics of client/contract brews for the potentially many to one (collaborators/host) relationship for collabs.

You’d also need to consider who the beer “belongs” to for brewer scoring / RateBeer Best purposes, whether all the collaborators should get some credit and, if so, how that would be accomplished. For client/contract brews you’d probably think the cuckoo brewer etc would be more deserving of the credit than the host (but would that still hold true for for beers commissioned by supermarkets and the like where the contract brewer may well have done the lion’s share of the design in addition to the actual production?). For collabs it would not seem right for the host to get none of the credit. Or all of it.

And you’d also have to think about the beers that are represented as collaborations but involve a collaborator that we do not currently regard as a “brewer” on RateBeer - e.g. all those beers made by/for particular Brewdog bars in collaboration with a local brewery.

Yeah I see what you mean now.

To begin with I’d say not to bother with any changes to score calculations, just get the system in place and then get some feedback from users on how to proceed with the things you mentioned.

So to start with, host brewery would continue to get credit for rating purposes. Non-brewer’s would not be added as a collaborator but would be mentioned in the name and/or the description instead. In the case of specific bars (BrewDog) the main brewery would would be listed as the collaborator.

That would be consistent with how the other sites do it too, and it would be largely the same as how we already do things here so no headaches for admins or users. However, once that’s in place the foundation will be laid and we could collectively think about how to adapt so that scoring and other things can perhaps be made fairer.

Agree with the proposal, it’s very strange that this is not an option already.

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