Collaborations with restaurants, etc

i’ve only added collaborator brewers. not restaurants, bands, Omega Yeast, etc. is there a policy?
i thought i’d ask because i just saw:
18th Street / Girl & The Goat: The Fox & The Goat

There are some nuances here. If a restaurant owner is hands on? If the contract canning folks are hands on? If the Pink Boots Society is involved? And how can we be sure of any of those all the time? How about going with what the brewer thought was important enough to place on the limited space on the can?

I think this is up to local admins’ discretion?
In the UK we only put actual breweries in the name. Restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, bands or whatever else may be involved in the collaboration are mentioned only in the description.

I had a Swedish beer recently that has a coffee shop’s name included though, hence why I think it’s up to local admins to decide policy. Or it’s a mistake. :man_shrugging:

No reason not to go with admins, but there will remain the question of what makes a brewer - someone who was hands on/in the brewing process, or only when a commercial brewer (any size) helps out. My impression has been that some commercial brewer collabs are more party time than brewing time so far as collaboration goes.

This is what I do. Only actual Brewers in the name. The rest belongs to description. But I add the Collaboration tag too.