Doing a little cellar cleaning and came across these. A friend of mine gave them to me years ago. Not finding anything online about them at all. Thought maybe one of you old timers in the UK forum might have info on them. Thanks!

@imdownthepub or @Fin might be the likeliest to have info?

I do remember them from the mid 90’s, not seen them for donkeys though. Maybe worth something on eBay as I think they were short runs.

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Couldn’t find any on e-bay

I’ve never seen them, didn’t even know they did these. However I was living in Worcester in 1995 before moving back to Oxon in 1996, so things like this would have passed me by. Strong Ale and they’re 5.5% :joy:

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Hey @sloth it might be worth contacting this guy

He seems like the person to contact for a valuation. He has an immense collection and appears to be something of an expert and fanatic in this field, he has a PDF of his entire collection and I checked and he has those two bottles.

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Thanks! Yeah ya gotta love those big ol 5.5% Strongs! :rofl: Thanks again!

Just shows how much the British beer scene has changed in the last quarter century. At that time they would have been strong compared to the rest of our beers generally available where 4.5% was a really big beer. Now it seems quite feeble in comparison to many, particularly Imperial beers and the abundance of even 10% plus beers. However going out now you probably only have a max of 4 or 5 pints, then it would be 8 to 10 for a night out.


Mike said they have no value. Thanks for your help, Fin!

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In that case you will be looking to give them away then ?

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Sure! Stop by this friday with something cold and they’re yours!

Shame that they are worthless, however I guess that the modest abv has really done them little or no favours when it comes to ageing. I suspect that if they were 8% or upwards, preferably dark and either a Barley Wine or Impy’Stout then maybe they might have held a little bit of interest. Will you open them to see what they are like?

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I can’t make it, but I could actually send somebody round