Cologne 19th-21st

Anna and I will be in Cologne on work from 19th-21st this month, and can bring some less-well-travelled local beers if anyone wants to meet up for a quick drink. It’s company Xmas party, so I will be busy most of the time, but we managed to have time for unscheduled drinking in several pubs last year in gaps between scheduled drinking.

Interested. Won’t have time on the 20th but 19th or 21st will work fine for me (well, evenings).

Any planes on pubs/breweries yet? In what beers/styles are you interested in?

We like Braustelle, but it’s a bit isolated. Last year, the party was walking distance from Braustelle, so rather than go to the hotel and wash and dress and shit between the meeting and the meal, we just went to the brewpub instead. Not sure exactly where this year’s venues are yet.

The centre looks like it’s got some venues that we’ve not been to before - in particular, there’s a new #1 place, which surely must be a must-visit.

Let me know when you know where it will take place. Braustelle is a little outside but on the other hand it takes only 20 minutes to the centre. Yes, CCC is a must for sure and the Mühlenbar has a Winterbock right now. Papa Joes Jazz Bar will have an own beer made for them which you also haven’t had before I guess.

Would be nice to have some “less-well-travelled local beers”, what are you interested in?

I’d be interested in coming along as well, if that’s ok. Even though I think that CCC is highly overrated, it’s definitely worth a visit once at least. You kinda have to get lucky with the tap selection, don’t set your expectations too high. Braustelle currently has an excellent barrel-aged rosemary beer on tap, but I’m not sure how long it wil last.

Don’t think that will be on too long anymore, had it 6 weeks ago… but as they have something new available most times not a problem. Too bad they don’t update their homepage regulary.

I had it last week. It’s probably not selling that well because it’s rather unusual, but yeah, it might be gone next week already. And when it comes to updating their webpage, the same could be said of CCC :wink: .

Well they don’t have a homepage only yet if you don’t count Facebook…but true, would be good to have a source what is on tap. Imho still better than Braustelle which has a list but doesn’t update it frequently. Have been there more than one time and wanted to try beer that should be on but wasn’t for weeks.

Do you have time to shop in Cologne or can I get you something?

It appears we arrive quite early on 19th, and the pre-meeting piss-up starts at 6pm, so we should have plenty of time for a crawl and a shop.
Beer-wise, I tend to be quite traditional, I’m less into crafty gimmicks. Strong and/or dark usually presses my buttons.

Okay, will see whats in my cellar atm. Will be in a Düsseldorf Getränkemarkt today, any of the Alt Biers of interest?

If you like strong, dark, traditional beers, I could bring the Ayinger Celebrator and Andechs Doppelbocks along, for example. You might also like the Uerige Doppelsticke, but I’ll leave that to Koelschtrinker if he’s in Düsseldorf anyway :stuck_out_tongue:. The Uerige Jrön is also quite good.

I’ve had a fair number of Alts, but it’s a style that’s hard to find, so I’m always up for more:
I’ve not had the plain Doppelsticke, only the really boozy 1862 version. Jron was pretty tasty, I agree.

Bocks and doppelbocks are very much my thing, those two are two of my favourites (in fact those are two of my favourite breweries)

Will bring you Doppelsticke then. And Kürzer Alt if they carry that, even if the weakest of the Düsseldorf Alt imho. As for Bock I’ll have ot check my cellar, if you have enough time P&M Getränke in Bonn should be your choice.

How do you guys wanna do this? Do you wanna have a bottle share or do you just wanna meet somewhere for a few drinks and trade some bottles? I mean, they are not going to let us drink our own stuff at a pub/bar.

If there’s a local Cologne group, then I can bring stuff that can be shared at a later date, of course.

It looks like the events 20th is walking distance from Braustelle, so fit that in on that day. Seems like I’m needed out west (Playa) only in the evening of the 19th, so the afternoon will be a central mini pubcrawl, I guess.

I’m meeting every two moth or so with Beerhunter111, Erzengel and Zlotta for tastings.

20th won’t work for me but probably 19th before your event or in the evening of the 21st if you’re that long in Cologne.

That sounds quite interesting, please feel free to send me a BM if I could join for that next time around.

19th is better for me as well, but most places won’t be open in the afternoon. Braustelle and CCC both open at 18:00 for example, but I guess most of the Brauhäuser open a lot earlier.

How do you travel? I have some beers in my cellar which are only good for a tick.

We fly in early on 19th, and fly out in the late afternoon on 21st.

I pretty much never say no to a tick…

I’m hoping that I can bring you a traditional Estonian koduolu, I just hope it travels. If I can manage it, you’ll need to drink it immediately, it’s not for keeping.

Sounds great! I’ll stop to work little earler than usual so we could meet up between 5 and 6 near Braustelle if you want