Coming to London - ISO Northumberland ticks

I’m coming to London (with wife and kids) in the middle of October. I may not be able to focus on ticking so much as I would like. In any case I would like to find Northumberland ticks. The reason being that Anarchy moved and now my county ticks show zero for Northumberland again. Any shops or even pubs that may have any beers from that county?

Also: any pub recommendations at the western Fulham area will be appreciated. Especially, places which you can visit with two 8-year-olds (chips, chicken nuggets, fish fingers etc + free WiFi would be a bonus although the EU roaming rules may still apply during that period).

I may carry some Finnish ticks with me and I probably will give them to chriso if we manage to meet.

I just realised I was thinking of Cumbria so have deleted my initial response. The one tick you may find in a supermarket like Waitrose is Fentiman’s Shandy.

BTW - my mother has found that she can no longer text her sister in Finland - apparerntly Elisa (or whatever they are called?) have not renewed a contract due to Brexit.

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Thanks. A shandy may be a horror tick but what can a ticker do.

I checked Elisa web page and they claim that nothing has changed regarding roaming or anything in UK. Well, we’ll see what works and what doesn’t.

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Some Morrisons supermarkets have Allendale cans (see

I think Allendale may also be available in Waitrose and M&S.

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Yes, I definitely bought Allendale at Waitrose in Suffolk. I’m sure it would be in London area too. I’m on holiday to Florida or might have made the journey to London.

The Morrisons in Walworth (near my house) definitely has them. If you want me to grab you one in exchange for a Finnish tick I would be happy to meet in central London at some point? Let me know!

Great! That would save me from some trouble. Could you bring thee bottles/cans? I know two other locals who tick regions and lack Northumberland.

Are there any specific Finnish ticks you’re looking for? Have you got any style preferences?

We’ll arrive in London on Monday, 14 October and fly back on the following Friday. I’d say Tuesday would be the best option for me to meet.

Have sent you a PM!