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Compile Place Ratings?


Brilliant! Thank you.

Phil, can I ask you for this too? I have no idea how it works, is it something you can download and email to me? In any case, many thanks in advance!

Can I have mine too? Thanks!

That’s pretty cool, would it be possible to do mine as well?

NP, webage updated with a link for yours and @Zlotta’s


Thanks a lot!

Many thanks!!

Just saw this. In a similar predicament as OP. Mind doing mine @FatPhil?

At this point you should all know that in order to create the backup files, and keep them up-to-date with minimal server load, I only look at the front page of your place ratings to detect newly rated ones, and stop as soon as there’s one that’s already known about. The script lets me do clever things manually, but none of that’s automated at all (then again neither are the backups currently, I just refresh everyone when someone new asks for theirs, as the front-page-only check is so quick).

I’ve added some date stamps to make things a little more informative:

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Any chance you can do mine as well?

No problem. Done.

Please grab another copy of the CSV files. My CSV conversion was skipping ambience scores.

@fiulijn @jercraigs @Marko @deanso @gnoff @Lowenbrau @Drake @shoulderbroken @Camons @kermis

Thank Kermis for the bug report!


Same message as above to @jmgreenuk @Benzai @Ferris @kraddel @Maakun @martjoobolut @Iznogud @sjogro @SinH4 @Zlotta


would love it too . thanks




Oooh - I’m being a naughty boy:

Let others join the conversation

This topic is clearly important to you – you’ve posted more than 30% of the replies here.

It could be even better if you got other people space to share their points of view, too. Can you invite them over?

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Awesome. Thanks @FatPhil

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Thanks a lot.

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Could you run an update on mine too?

Would love mine too. Appreciate it.

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