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Compile Place Ratings?

Would love a copy of this too Phil!

Amazing, I’d love one too! https://www.ratebeer.com/user/306831/

Omg :o:I’d love to have mine as well!

This is great!
I find place reviews the most interesting. Can i have mine as well?

I feel cheeky asking, but I’d love mine too if it’s not so much bother for you.

Something went wrong with yours, and I can’t work out why presently, sorry.
Everyone else is here: http://fatphil.org/beer/backups/


Thank you!

Would love one too!

Can I get mine too please :slight_smile: Many thanks!

I’d like my offline ratings too if possible :slight_smile: Thanks

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Lists updated, including @Camons (was cross-eyed, messed up your UID)


Thank you :slight_smile:


Brilliant! Thank you.

Phil, can I ask you for this too? I have no idea how it works, is it something you can download and email to me? In any case, many thanks in advance!

Can I have mine too? Thanks!

That’s pretty cool, would it be possible to do mine as well?

NP, webage updated with a link for yours and @Zlotta’s


Thanks a lot!

Many thanks!!

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