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Congrats ogivlado on 17 years on RB!

A true pioneer, without whose work - alone in the country, if not the entire region on the site for two and a half years - I might not have chosen Ratebeer as my platform of choice - a diligent photographer of his beers without whom many beers would be lacking a photo - and a true friend who’s shared hundreds, if not thousands of beers with me.

So - raise one for Ogi! :smiley:


Great job @ogivlado!

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17years is a long time to keep up with anything. Very good mate

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I nominate him for RateBeer best new member 2018 :joy:

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Cheers Ogi!

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Grats Happy RB 17th!

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I can’t think of anything I’ve done for 17 years consecutively, and that includes drinking beer (let alone rating them). Congratulations!


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