Congratulations on your milestone AdamChandler

AdamChandler reached 300 IPA ratings!
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1 hours ago


You’re still alive then?


Still guarding the shitters at HF for dope smokers?



Chapeau! :cowboy_hat_face:

Nice work, Adam! IPA is a fine style of beer!

I’m sure that was a conscious decision to only drink good IPAs. I swear everyone makes a few now a days and don’t get me started on the ones that made 1 hazy recipe then swap one hop and charge $8 a can.

Cheers tho @AdamChandler

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I think the only brewery I still support that sort of does that is The Kernel. But their beers are fantastic and the hops actually do make a notable difference. And I don’t think they’ve changed their prices since 2010.

Not to hijack this celebration thread, but check out one of my old stomping grounds Anchorage Brewing Company. This is one example of many in the USofA!

He’s an impy stout lover!

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Seems @AdamChandler (Jackson aka Ajax) stopped selling Hill Farmstead on eBay to pay for fake dog surgeries, quit his management job at apple after he single-handedly designed the iphone 14, and is now resigned to a lifestyle of riding BMW motorcycles (the ultimate small dick energy bikes).