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Congratulations on your milestone Theydon_Bois

200 smoked.

Blank post.


Smoking not bad for you?

Happy to share this precious moment

We’ll always have Moeder Lambic x


Hard work, not my favorite style, but congratulations anyway.

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No one cares but congrats, I guess.

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Congratulations on your milestone Theydon_Bois

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I’m just here to look at the dog pic


I just won some award for 100 lots of more than 2 likes on my posts.

Happy to say the vast majority are for my doge pics !

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Nice one Cloin, congratulations

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Those smoked beers…

U dun f’d up, bois !

As that chap in The Mask said “Smoking” (but in a strange elongated way).:nauseated_face:


You’re a man who likes stats Jeremy … so my 200th smoked was brewed in Italy and drank in Brussels !

Yip, strange beery world out there these days. I used to be a Bitter Man you know.


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